Pilvenmäki harness racing racecourse is situated in Pilvenmäki district in the town of Forssa, approximately 2 km from town centre. It takes about 1 and half hour to came and visit Pilvenmäki racecourse from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Pilvenmäki was founded in 1949 and is one of the oldest racecourses in Finland still operating in same place. These days racecourse is for racing, experiences, good local food and – of course horses.

Pilvenmäki has about 21 harness racing racedays per year, but every day there are over 200 horses training in Pilvenmäki horse training fields. In addition course is used for pony races and other events, such as dog shows, Pick-Nick vintage car event and motorcycle races. We have restaurant for 370 peoples and the whole area could serve over 35 000 people in same time. There are also provided veterinarian services in the Pilvenmäki area.

Annual biggest harness racing event is called Kuninkuusravit, a special event for Finnish coldblooded mares and stallions. Kuninkuusravit has been held there in Pilvenmäki in 1968, 1988, 2006 and 2022. Kuninkuusravit gathers over 40 000 peoples to celebrate new ”The King” and ”The Queen”.

Racecourse also hosts a training centre for about 300 horses. Stables are owned by private persons and they are used by professional and amateur trainers. Training centre features a 3 km long forest route and a 1 km long straight track for high speed training. Pilvenmäki is in the center of harness racing Finland and it takes about 1 hour and half over five racecourses in Finland (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Lahti and Pori). Pilvenmäki racecourse is in Forssa city Häme region, where is an amazing combination of nature and cultural landscapes. Forssa city and region is known for horses and there are over 4 000 horses and in Ypäjä munipalicity is know as ”the horsemunicipality of Finland”.

If you want to visit guided in Pilvenmäki be connect to office in social media sites or info@pilvenmaki.fi or call +358 50372 1906.

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